On February 4, 2015, by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 79 “On the reorganization of the educational institution” Belarusian State Economic University “, the establishment of education” Minsk State Trade College ” was attached to the EE “BSEU” and was transformed into the branch of BSEU” Minsk Trade College” . A new stage in its development, which was largely based on the experience accumulated over the previous decades of the activity of this educational institution, began. On August 15, 1956, the Council of Ministers of the BSSR adopted Decree No. 459 on the founding of the Minsk Technical College of Soviet Trade. On September 1, 1957, the first set of students (210 people for full-time and 150 for correspondence departments) began to receive secondary specialized education in the field of “Commodity Studies” and “Production of food”. The first issue – 73 people – was held in 1959. The building of the technical school was located in Minsk on the street. B. Khmelnitsky, 5. Gradually, the structure of the educational institution became more complex; in 1980 a department of jurisprudence was opened. There was a sharp shortage of training areas. On January 26, 1981 the technical school received a new building on the street Vostochnaya, 183/43. The new complex consisted of 49 offices and laboratories equipped with appropriate teaching facilities, a library, reading, sports, assembly halls, a ski base, and a canteen. This allowed increasing the enrollment of students more than twice, gradually supplementing and changing the structure of the technical school. In 1986, an accounting department was opened, later it was transformed into the accounting and commodity management department, and later into the accounting law department. As a result, it became a division of accounting and law, which conducted training in the specialties of “Accounting” and “Jurisprudence.”

The names of internal organization of education institution changed with the course of time. On August 2, 1993 it was renamed Minsk Trade Technical College (order of the Ministry of Education PB №243). On its base an experimental center for rehabilitation of disabled people (together with Belorussian scientific research institute of expertise disabled people) was opened in January 22, 1996. In August 8, 1996 the center got the status of a branch and provided training by speciality Economics and organization of production. In February 3, 1997 Technical College was renamed Minsk State Trade College (order of the Ministry of Education PB №53). Later the name was updated (in June 25, 2001) Minsk State Trade College (order of the ministry of Education PB №352). The directors of the technical school were V.I. Vitushko (1957-1964), V.I. Popov (1964-1976), E.I. Galenchik (1976-1984), N.G. Los (1984-1999), A.K. Legchilov (1999-2005). Since August 2005 G.V. Kosmach is the director of Minsk Trade College.

Nowadays there are four departments in the college: Commercial Activity Dpt., Cooking Technology Dpt., Accounting Dpt. and Law Dpt. The total number of employees is 162 people, including 85 teachers, 1 candidate of technical sciences and 1 candidate of biological sciences. The top qualification category is 50 people, the first – 19, the second – 4, without the category – 12. All teachers are well-qualified and provide high-quality education for future specialists. Our students can not just get theoretical knowledge but also do practical work at trade enterprises and public catering establishments. Leading trade and catering enterprises are: TSUM Department Store, GUM Department Store, Belarus Department Store, DLS Vitalyur, the Minsk Tractor Works, CJSC Atlant, JLLC Baniar, Stolitsa Shopping Center. In 2017/2018 there are 1,846 people studying in the college, including 705 in correspondence department. The material and technical base of the college includes three educational buildings with 35 classrooms, 9 laboratories, 5 computer classes, and curriculum office. The college has a library with a reading hall, assembly and sports halls, a shooting range, a ski base, a canteen, a buffet, a hostel with all necessary conveniences, and a medical center.
Annually students and employees of the branch are included in research activities, participate in creative and professional exhibitions, competitions at international and national levels. The results were diplomas: I degree – international competition of professional mastering «Martina» (Berlin); II degree – scientific and creative festival «There is an idea» among students of CIS countries (Baku); diplomas of I, II, III degrees of the Republican competition on economy and entrepreneurship «Ladder of success»; Republican Student Scientific and Practical Conference «Small and medium business as driver of economic growth»; international scientific and practical conference of students «National Economy of the Republic of Belarus: problems and development prospects»; international competition of business projects «StartUp-Cooperation», etc.

Public and educational work of the college allows to cultivate interest in careers through culinary arts contests, specialist weeks. There are 7 clubs of professional focus on practice bases. Traditional contests “The best teacher”, “The best master of industrial training”, “Moment of glory”, “Miss College”, “The best hostel block” are held yearly. Meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, experienced teachers are organized. May 9, 1985 the exhibition “Women-heroes of the Soviet Union” was opened in the college. Much attention is given to physical culture and sport. Students compete during the year- round Olympics, spring and autumn athletics crosses, health days, races of military-applied kinds of sports. Students are engaged in 5 sports sections, 8 associations. Students were awarded with diplomas of the Republican contest of technical and decorative arts, conducted by the Ministry of education. The primary organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the volunteer squad “Kind heart”, a Trade-Union Committee become the initiators of many activities.

Since the mid-1950’s the college has trained over 41 thousand specialists who work successfully in our country and abroad. Many of them have become the managers in the sphere of trade and public catering. They worked in responsible positions in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of International Affairs, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. Such names as V.I. Baidak (currently – General Director of JSC “Central Department Store Minsk”, previously worked as General Director of CUE “Hlebprom”, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee and Head of the Main Department of the Consumer Market of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Belarus), Yu.P. Bondar (rector of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts in 2013-2017, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus), V.S. Koleda (general director of LLC “International Music Trade House”), F.F. Korban (director of “Central Department Store Minsk” in 2008 -2015), T.K. Krivena (Deputy Minister of Trade of the BSSR, President of the Belarusian Culinary Association), V.P. Naumovets (general director of LLC “Semela”), S.V. Stashevsky (head of administration of Oktyabrsky district of Vitebsk, assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus in 2007-2009), Yu.V. Trushchenko (head of the administration of the Soviet district of Minsk), A.I. Swed (chairman of the State Committee of Forensic Expertise of the Republic of Belarus, deputy chairman of the investigative committee of the Republic of Belarus) are among the graduates. In 2010, 2011, 2012 the college was on the Honor Board of the Soviet district of Minsk as the best educational institution. For many years of successful training and education of students the collective of teachers of the college was awarded with the Honorary Diplomas of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, the Minsk City Council of Deputies, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus, the Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus.